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Kanshiwa Kata Masterclass

This one-of-a-kind masterclass offers an unrivaled examination into the mechanics, principles and nuances of the fundamental Uechi-Ryu kata, Kanshiwa.

Chip Quimby's unique approach provides the learner with an effective, step-by-step methodology for analyzing, dismantling, rebuilding and internalizing kata. This process allows enthusiasts to gain a richly nuanced and textured understanding of the form and its key principles.


You'll have complete access to:

  • Over 2 HOURS of professionally produced content covering Kanshiwa kata in its entirety 
  • Detailed lessons with technical breakdown covering all 7 defensive and offensive concepts 
  • All movements and techniques broken down and demonstrated at slow and full speed
  • All techniques demonstrated from the front and side angles
  • Separate upper and lower body lesson for each sequence
  • Philosophical discussions on visualization and intent

Masterclass Content Overview

  • Introduction to Kanshiwa Kata
  • Circle Blocking Methodology and Breakdown
  • Concept 1: Circle Block, Reverse Punch 
  • (mawashi-uke, gyaku-zuki)
  • Concept 2: Cicle Block, Sword Foot Kick (mawashi-uke, sokuto-geri) 
  • Concept 3: Circle Block, Elbow Strike, Backfist (mawashi-uke, furi-hiji, uraken-uchi) 
  • Concept 4: Alternating Double Hand Palm Strikes (Wa-uke, bushiken-zuki) 
  • Concept 5: Circle Block, Sword Hand, Backfist Strike (mawashi-uke, shuto-uchi, uraken-uchi) 
  • Concept 6: Circle Block, Front Kick (mawashi-uke, shomen-geri) 
  • Concept 7: Pressing Block, One Knuckle Punch (oase-uke, shoken-zuki) 
  • Coaching Session with Student
  • Closing Thoughts


What Members Are Saying About Our Courses:

I would like to congratulate Chip Quimby on making one of the best instructional video courses I have had the pleasure of viewing. Chip's technical knowledge is outstanding and we can really feel it by the way he instructs and breaks core skills into their individual components. I would like to recommend Mr. Quimby's courses to all those interested in learning more about Karate and Uechi-ryu in particular.

Stefan Sandberg

Fantastic coverage and breakdown of this awesome Kata I highly recommend it.

Stefano Natalizio

Excellent approach, very modern in didactics and traditional in technique. A must see for every karate instructor

Cecelia Salbuchi