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Seisan Kata Masterclass

You are about have to  access to the most COMPREHENSIVE examination and instructional video of Uechi-Ryu Seisan kata ever made.

You'll have complete access to:

  • Nearly 3 HOURS of professionally produced content covering Seisan kata in its entirety 
  • Detailed lessons covering 13 defensive and offensive concepts 
  • All techniques broken down and demonstrated at slow and full speed
  • All techniques demonstrated from the front and side angles
  • Separate upper and lower body lesson for each sequence
  • BONUS 17 page PDF Training Guide

Content Overview

  • Concept 1: Downward Wrist Strikes & Ridge Hands (morote haito-uchi)
  • Concept 2: Alternating Rising Palm Strikes (bushiken age-uke) 
  • Concept 3: Rising Two-Handed Spear & Knee Lift (morote nukite-zuki, tsuru-kamae) 
  • Concept 4: Alternating Groin Strikes (gedan koken-uchi) 
  • Concept 5: Double Spear-Hand to Waist (morote gedan nukite-zuki) 
  • Concept 6: Front Lunge with Rising Vertical Elbow Strike (mawashi-uke, zenkutsu-dachi, tate-hiji) 
  • Concept 7: Hammer Strike and Palm Strike (mawashi-uke, tatsui-uchi, bushiken-uchi) 
  • Concept 8: Circle Block, Forward Leg Front Kick (mawashi-uke, shomen-geri) 
  • Concept 9: Knee Strike & Alternating One-Knuckle Punch (hiza-ate, shoken-zuki) 
  • Concept 10: Alternating Spear-Hand Strikes (mawashi-uke, nukite-zuki) 
  • Concept 11: Reverse Jump into Crane Stance & Counterattacks (shiko-dachi, tsuru-kamae, hiji-zuki, uraken-uchi, shoken-zuki)


 A special 17 page Training Guide outlining each of the 13 concepts and their key points

What People Are Saying:

A remarkable individual, Chip Quimby’s important contributions and inspirational leadership have not gone unnoticed. Bringing together classical tradition with contemporary insight, this young Karate master has succeeded in linking together defensive functionality with physical fitness and holistic awareness into an exciting transformative pathway of practice. Well known for his comprehensive and detailed examination of kata, Chip’s principal concern with this project is to help promote the advancement and understanding of the traditional Okinawan fighting arts, while at the same time elevating the collective understanding and training methods used to study and develop these arts. His unique approach provides the learner with an effective, step-by-step methodology for analyzing, dismantling, rebuilding and internalizing kata. This process allows enthusiasts to gain a richly nuanced and textured understanding of the form and its key principles. Timeless knowledge tells us, in order to evolve, as a well rounded practitioner, the need for a holistic approach, in both training and development, becomes paramount to progress. When this is understood, there becomes a need to locate a mentor and/or source, through which empowerment can be methodically pursued. Master Chip Quimby is one such mentor, and his Martial Way Project is, in my opinion, is one such source. I am confident, the work which lies before you, will provide a wonderfully inspirational pathway to your progress and am delighted to lend my name in support of it. Highly recommended. マカシー パトリック Hanshi 9th Dan 範士九段 International Ryukyu Karate-jutsu Research Society

Patrick McCarthy