It's Time To Become The Martial Artist You Really Want To Be

The Martial Way Project is committed to helping you explore the deepest levels of your martial arts training.

Through providing expertly crafted, in-depth masterclasses, our mission is to deliver you knowledge and insight that empowers your on-going development, all while providing you a systematic training methodology designed to help you uncover the “what” and “why” of some of the most important questions throughout your journey.

We go beyond the status-quo lessons and standard practice routines, and help you add new skills to your existing approach and style.  We'll be your guide as you continually explore the deeper aspects of your art - and help inspire and drive your continued personal growth.  This is The Martial Way Project.

Chip Quimby is a traditional karate practitioner and professional Martial Arts Instructor.  He began his training at the age of twelve and is currently graded 7th Dan, Kyoshi, in classical Uechi-Ryu Karate by the Okinawa Karate-Do Kyokai (沖空会 沖縄空手道協会). 

Known for his highly methodical and charismatic teaching style, Chip has studied under some of the world's most highly acclaimed and influential traditional karate masters. 

An accomplished athlete, Chip has competed since an early age and frequently represented the United States in international competition. In 2018, he was a finalist at the 1st Okinawa International Tournament (第1回沖縄空手国際大会), and in 2015, he won the prestigious All-Okinawa Karate Championships in Okinawa, Japan. 

His school, the Shiseikan Karate Dojo (至誠館空手道場), was founded in 2010, is located outside of Boston, Massachusetts, where he teaches and trains daily.  Chip's personal training philosophy is Masakatsu Agatsu (正勝吾勝), or True Victory is Self-Victory.