Circle Block Fundamentals

This easy-to-follow video breaks down and explores the fundamental components of the circle block (mawashi-uke).
Taken from his video, Kanshiwa Kata Masterclass, Chip Quimby walks through how to properly practice this technique while ensuring both proper range of motion and structure.

Lunging Elbow Leg Drive - Seisan Kata's Most Powerful Technique

Don't step forward, but DRIVE into the target!
Here I offer some thoughts on the lunging elbow strike from Seisan kata, and why I believe this is the most powerful technique in the kata.
By taking advantage of the body's largest muscles (i.e. quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings), this technique utilizes the powerful engine of the lower body to catapult mass into the target and transfer energy through the small tip of the elbow bone.
The full video lesson on tate-hihji from the Martial Way Project breaks down blocking structure and methodology, striking preparation and delivery, footwork and mass transference, timing, visualization, intent and two-person applications.

Seisan Knee Smash: Grounding

A detailed discussion on the "grounding" principle from Seisan kata and how it's applied with the knee smash (hiza-ate).
If you enjoyed this brief excerpt, you can view the entire knee smash lesson for free by following the link below:

Kanshiwa Kata - its role in the development of technique

An excerpt from my upcoming course where I discuss the critical role of Kanshiwa kata (完子和) in the development of a karate-ka, in addition to the technical opportunities and challenges it presents to the learner.