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As a big proponent of distance-learning, I was so pleased to hear that Sensei Chip Quimby has been working on a highly specialized and unique on-line program that should be immensely popular for both the Uechi-Ryu community and students from other systems, wanting to expand their teaching and/or personal martial artskills.
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Possessing many strengths as a martial artist, Chip is adept at breaking down concepts and then structuring them for others using a clear and effective communication style that showcases his passion for sharing knowledge and empower others.  I look forward to training with Sensei Chip and his new program and know it will be hugely successful.

George E. Mattson
Hanshi, 10th dan
Father of Uechi-Ryu in America
Bringing together classical tradition with contemporary insight, this remarkable young Karate master has succeeded in linking together defensive functionality with physical fitness and holistic awareness into an exciting transformative pathway of practice. Timeless knowledge tells us that in order to evolve as a well-rounded
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practitioner, the need for a holistic approach, in both training and development, becomes paramount to progress.  When this is understood, there becomes a need to locate a mentor and/or source, through which empowerment can be methodically pursued.  Master Chip Quimby is one such mentor, and his Martial Way Project is, in my opinion, one such source.  I am confident, the work which lies before you, will provide a wonderfully inspirational pathway to your progress and am delighted to lend my name in support of it. Highly recommended.

Patrick McCarthy
Hanshi, 9th dan
International Ryukyu Karate-jutsu Research Society
Sensei Chip Quimby has developed a highly effective martial arts learning program that is ideally suitable for all practitioners regardless of style or level or proficiency. His sincere dedication to the martial arts has enabled him to provide a guiding light to those that are in pursuit of perfecting their knowledge and skill.
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His methodology creates a fervent interest that allows the student to look beyond the mere surface of the arts and allows one to realize that they are not just studying a martial art, but are “martial artists”. I strongly encourage everyone to become part of this project.

James Thompson
Hanshi, 10th dan
President, Uechi-Ryu Kokusai Kyokai
After viewing the latest project by Sensei Quimby I could not help but think back to the earlier 70’s , 80’s and into the 90’s. The only visual resources were the pages of “Black Belt “ or “ Official Karate”  magazines. WOW.
Have we come along way thanks to people like Sensei Quimby moving the needle
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ever forward. The in depth layering and more importantly the ability to reverse engineer the techniques for better understanding is simply amazing.

I would encourage all serious Karate-Ka , regardless of Style or Political affiliation to support this groundbreaking series.
Ron Fagan
8th dan
Chief Technical Director
International Karate Alliance

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